Muni Bonds Continue to Get Slammed – How Long Will the Bloodbath Continue?

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Municipal bonds continue to get taken to the cleaners – here’s an ugly chart for ya: Muni bonds fall off a cliff. (Source: Ever since the Muni Bond Put known at the Build America Bonds fund was given an expiration date, investors have shown little appetite for tax-free municipal debt. Mish Shedlock explored the […]

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Nice post and chart here by Mish Shedlock, who peers into the commonly cited “fact” that Corporate America’s balance sheets are stuffed with cash.  That may be the case, but they are MORE stuffed with debt – and total debt surpasses total cash.  You can read Mish’s breakdown here. The biggest joke, I think, is […]

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Real nice post by Mish Shedlock over on his always excellent blog entitled Are we “Trending Towards Deflation” or in It? I know many readers share my view on the inflation/deflation debate – namely that because we have a credit based economy, the Fed is relatively powerless to stop inflation.  If that’s your take, then […]

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