Mish Shedlock on Deflation: We’re Almost There, or Already There

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Real nice post by Mish Shedlock over on his always excellent blog entitled Are we “Trending Towards Deflation” or in It? I know many readers share my view on the inflation/deflation debate – namely that because we have a credit based economy, the Fed is relatively powerless to stop inflation.  If that’s your take, then […]

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I put debate in quotes because I think Krugman is a joke, and I can’t believe anyone actually reads his stuff for anything other than pure entertainment. On Yahoo’s Tech Ticker, Niall Ferguson fires back with his side of the story – which is based on actual economic history, rather than Keynsian “pie in the […]

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Sick of the ever increasing creep of socialism, and cries to save everyone in the interest of fairness? If you are reading this article, I’m betting that you’ve got more real-world savvy and economic sense than 99% of the rest of the world.  And that’s not a self-congratulatory pat on the back (well, maybe a […]

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