Marc Faber Sees US Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels (!)

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“Dr. Doom” Marc Faber drops the casual obervation in this Bloomberg interview that he sees inflation levels rising in the US…in fact, eventually approaching Zimbabwe levels! Prompted by a viewer question that asked whether it’s more likely the US will default on its debt, or go into hyperinflation, Faber says he “100% sure” that the […]

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Here’s a short interview Marc Faber gave for Bloomberg recently (week of March 23rd), where he gave his current thoughts on US equities and Treasuries: Faber’s thoughts: Markets became extremely oversold on March 6, when the S&P touched 666  This rally may have some more legs, because the government is printing money – so asset prices may rise […]

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Marc Faber’s observations on a CNBC interview from January 19, 2009: The corporate credit markets have improved somewhat He expects government bond markets to weaken, due to the increasing unlikeliness they will be able to pay off their mounting deficits – believes this may be the “next shoe to drop” There’s a very good chance […]

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