Marc Faber Sees US Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels (!)

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“Dr. Doom” Marc Faber drops the casual obervation in this Bloomberg interview that he sees inflation levels rising in the US…in fact, eventually approaching Zimbabwe levels! Prompted by a viewer question that asked whether it’s more likely the US will default on its debt, or go into hyperinflation, Faber says he “100% sure” that the […]

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Marc Faber says that investing in agriculture today will be like investing in oil in 2001, when it was priced at $17/barrel, according to The National Post. Faber says that record low inventories, declining agricultural productivity, and increasing demand for food will drive prices higher. The falling productivity line is especially interesting…Faber says productivity in […]

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Here’s Dr. Doom himself, Marc Faber, giving one of his usual insightful and thought provoking interviews for Bloomberg. What really caught my ear was around the 4:30 mark, he proclaimed the bull market in long dated bonds to have ended as of December 18, 2008.  (He also pinpoints the start of the bull market at […]

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