Jim Rogers Interview – His Latest Thoughts on Commodities, Treasuries, and the Economy

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Our friends at Hard Assets Investor just conducted an interview with our commodities hero, Jim Rogers. Some quick hits from the interview: He’s still long sugar – but wouldn’t buy more right now Rogers is still bullish on oil over the next decade He continues to like China Not short Treasuries yet, but hopes to […]

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Have you been piling into oil with the rest of the hot money? Might want to think about covering…or even reversing…your position. Oil expert Matt Badiali writes: The fact that oil didn’t leap up with delight at riots in Iran should make oil investors quake with fear. Iran produces about 5% of the world’s oil […]

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Global oil producer BP reported that oil reserves fell for the first time in 10 years…from 1.261 trillion barrels to 1.258 trillion barrels. Enough reserves for about 42 years at current production rates, according to the company. You can read the full report here. Some quick highlights: Global oil consumption fell by 0.6% in 2008 […]

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