Natural Gas – In a Death Spiral?

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It seems like these days, EVERYONE is looking a natural gas prices, wondering “how could they be so low?” As recently as a few years ago, “The Natty” was selling for over $16 – how could it now be languishing just above 3? It’s often said in the commodity world that the best cure for […]

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Global oil producer BP reported that oil reserves fell for the first time in 10 years…from 1.261 trillion barrels to 1.258 trillion barrels. Enough reserves for about 42 years at current production rates, according to the company. You can read the full report here. Some quick highlights: Global oil consumption fell by 0.6% in 2008 […]

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May Natural Gas futures currently sit a shade above $3.50 – their lowest point since 2002!  Check out this chart…can you spot the trend? Source: Jeff Clark writes that $3.50 is widely regarded as the “shut in” price for natural gas – the price where drillers are better off closing the well than continuing […]

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