Why Agriculture Prices Have Held Up Remarkably Well

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A recent piece in The Economist highlighted the recent strength of agriculture prices in the face of the downturn, and the reason for it. Though prices of the meats, grains, and softs are still off their 2008 highs – they’re not off by much anymore – as commodities such as cotton, soybeans, and sugar are […]

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On Saturday, agricultural ministers from the world’s (roughly) eight most industrialized nations, met in Italy to discuss the looming threat of food shortages and a global food crisis. America’s agricultural secretary warned that unless many countries take substantative steps to increase food production, there will be increasing shortages and social unrest around the world. For […]

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Hallelujah for our forward looking government leaders, now on the lookout to protect us innocent civilians from those evil speculators who lurk in the night. What fools we were for believing that supply and demand, government mandates for corn based ethanol, and a national policy to turn the US dollar into toilet paper have been […]

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