Financial Speculators and Congressional Stupidity

Financial Speculators and Congressional Stupidity

Hallelujah for our forward looking government leaders, now on the lookout to protect us innocent civilians from those evil speculators who lurk in the night.

What fools we were for believing that supply and demand, government mandates for corn based ethanol, and a national policy to turn the US dollar into toilet paper have been contributing factors to this historic commodity bull run.

I look forward to the next chapter in government intervention, where our federal and state heroes take a bad problem and make it considerably worse by meddling in an issue in which they have no clue.

There are, however, a few rogue information sources that do not yet believe that evil speculators are the sources of all our worldly problems. I encourage you to take a look at these articles while you still can, before they are wiped froodity speculators, commm existence in the name of homeland security.