Marc Faber “Bearish on Everything” Once Again

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Here’s an awesome Marc Faber interview that includes an epic libertarian rant towards the middle of the clip. Faber is extremely cautious on China at the moment, and hence bearish on the global economy.  He thinks that in the event China tanks, the world’s central banks will not be able to print enough money in […]

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As I sit here typing comfortably from my Steelcase chair in Sacramento, CA, it may be a little presumptive for me to weigh in my $0.02 in the Chinese bull/bear debate. Some convincing China (short term) bears – like Marc Faber and Hugh Hendry – believe things are not going to end well in China. […]

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A favorite exercise of mine is to take a look at the board and see what assets are not participating in strong rallies on days like today.  And it looks like there were a few noticeable absentees in the commodity sector that did not make it for today’s raging campfire of a good time! (Ed. […]

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