Why China’s Economic Growth is Unsustainable (and GDP Growth is Inflated, Too)

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One question that always seems to surround Asian economies is: How much wealth is actually being created? GDP numbers can be misleading, as they focus on the total dollar value of transactions in the economy.  And as you well know, there can be a big discrepancy between top line sales, and bottom line margins.  In […]

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Fellow contrarians know that we’ve been following the Baltic Dry Index as a leading indicator of the Reflation Rally for some time now…in fact, we’ve been watching it with a wary eye all the way since last August! Well, topping processes can often be long, drawn out events.  It looks like this has come to […]

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A favorite exercise of mine is to take a look at the board and see what assets are not participating in strong rallies on days like today.  And it looks like there were a few noticeable absentees in the commodity sector that did not make it for today’s raging campfire of a good time! (Ed. […]

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