Comparison With Last Commodity Bull Market

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Another good one from Agora – courtesy of their 5 Minute Forecast (if you couldn’t tell, I read this publication religiously): On the other side of the world, extreme drought and telling profit margins have Australian rice farmers switching to growing wine grapes. Australian rice? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. But the reduction in […]

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Unfortunately Agora has not yet posted the full article yet in their Rude Awakening archives – keep an eye out. Same story we all know – agriculture is poised to go much higher, and the softs (sugar, cotton, cocoa, coffee) look particularly undervalued.

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Byron King, author of Agora’s Outstanding Investments, talks on CNBC about oil prices. I’m an Outstanding Investments subscriber, and a big fan of Byron’s analysis. This guy is all over the oil situation – he flies around the world going to geology and energy summits – he knows what’s going on. Here he says he […]

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