Mainstream Media Gives Silver Some Dap – Signs of Short Term Top?

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I saw a mini-contrarian signal for silver in today’s edition of Help a Reporter Out – an email publication devoted to connecting journalists with qualified sources. Not to pick on in particular – but what the heck.  When they are writing about an investment theme, we should probably cast a skeptical eye towards it… […]

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Here’s a very well articulated bullish case for gold and silver courtesy of precious metal guru Eric Sprott.  Of course Sprott has a horse in the race, with his asset management firm holding very large positions in the precious metals, but I highly recommend you take the 8 minutes to watch this clip. And at […]

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Just in case you were feeling chipper about the “economic recovery” being touted by the mainstream financial media, check out Porter Stansberry’s End of America video, where he makes a compelling case that inflation is already here, and hyperinflation, severe social unrest, and government imposed financial restrictions are just around the corner. He’s definitely a […]

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