Porter Stansberry’s “End of America” Video: The Case for Inevitable Hyperinflation and Social Unrest

Porter Stansberry’s “End of America” Video: The Case for Inevitable Hyperinflation and Social Unrest

Just in case you were feeling chipper about the “economic recovery” being touted by the mainstream financial media, check out Porter Stansberry’s End of America video, where he makes a compelling case that inflation is already here, and hyperinflation, severe social unrest, and government imposed financial restrictions are just around the corner.

He’s definitely a sharp dude – while I have not been a direct subscriber of his own newsletter, I have subscribed to several of their other newsletters, and think their research is pretty top notch.

While I am not 100% sure his predictions will absolutely come true, I think the chance is substantial enough that it’s worth factoring the possibility into your investment strategy, as the chance is no longer negligible.

The first hour is filled with solid content – maybe nothing in itself new to regular readers, but it gave me a much needed wake up call to see it all presented in one fell swoop.  I’ve been sleeping on taking action a bit too long – at minimum I know I need to get a bank account opened in another country (and will likely do so during a trip to Southeast Asia this Spring – will keep you posted on how that goes).

The last 10-15 minutes are a pitch for Porter’s newsletter – your call if you want to jump on that, I am not a current subscriber of his so cannot directly vouch, though this just about convinced me to sign up for his monthly letter (and the marketer in me admires the masterful marketing strategy employed here – educate, educate, educate…then sell!)

Again, many of these concepts we have covered before – such as the Federal government potentially locking up 401Ks if things get bad, or the virtues of opening a bank account outside of the United States.  And of course the importance of owning and accumulating physical gold and silver, so that your capital does not go KAPUT if hyperinflation does indeed rage out of control.

Enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below if you have specific tips regarding any “survivalist” investing strategies you are now employing to protect yourself from this worse case scenario.

(And by the way, I still think the deflation boogeyman could rear his ugly head again before the hyperinflation scenario takes place – but I could be wrong, and intend to take steps that will ensure investment success in case I am.)

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