Marin Katusa: Porter Stansberry is Wrong About Oil Prices

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Last week on Frank Curzio’s S&A Investor Podcast, Porter Stansberry predicted that the current flood of natural gas to the market would drive the price of oil down below $40 per barrel.  Respected energy analyst Marin Katusa of Casey Research begged to differ – and offered up this rebuttal, which I’m republishing for you here. […]

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Nice job by Doc Efrig in his recent interview with Marc Faber for his Stansberry Radio podcast.  It’s one of the best Faber interviews I’ve heard in a few months – the dude is great in long form. Faber’s best line comes when asked to go in Asia for nightlife: “For nightlife you have to […]

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Just in case you were feeling chipper about the “economic recovery” being touted by the mainstream financial media, check out Porter Stansberry’s End of America video, where he makes a compelling case that inflation is already here, and hyperinflation, severe social unrest, and government imposed financial restrictions are just around the corner. He’s definitely a […]

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