Great Hugh Hendry Interview on King World News

Great Hugh Hendry Interview on King World News

The guys at King World News conducted an excellent interview with Hughhugh hendry Hendry, an A-List favorite of ours.

If you’re not yet familiar with Hugh, you should be – you can listen to the interview here.

I’ll admit I have a full-on “man crush” on our boy Hugh – he’s incredibly smart, eloquent, and insightful all at once.  Plus hilarious and irreverent – a perfect combination.

In this interview, Hendry discusses:

  • China’s outlook – why he’s bearish on Asia, and skeptical of Chinese growth numbers.  He makes a few excellent points about the capitalist philosophy of the Far East.
  • Corporate debt – why he’s short $2 billion worth of it!
  • Hyperinflation – he doesn’t dispute this outcome, but fears that money managers have “rushed to the last chapter of this fantastic novel prematurely.”
  • Japan – why its sovereign debt of 2x GDP will likely doom the Japanese first.  He muses that perhaps Japan, which was “first in” to the deflationary world, may be the “first out”, as its politics align towards a potential hyperinflationary scenario.

Hat tip to Carson for the great find here!