Hugh Hendry Talks Hyperdeflation With Barron’s

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Barron’s got a hold of Hugh Hendry to chat about his favorite topics – namely deflation, and shorting Asia! If you read our previous coverage of Hendry’s economic outlook, there’s not much new here, but it’s still probably worth a quick read. In summary, Hendry remains biased towards “hyperdeflation BEFORE hyperinflation”: The road to hyperinflation […]

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Yesterday I had the great honor and opportunity to sit courtside for a live one-hour presentation from our favorite contrarian, irreverent hedge fund manager – Hugh Hendry himself.  What a thrill! Hendry, as you may know, is partner and Chief Investment Officer at Eclectica Asset Management.  While his claims to fame are numerous, his two […]

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The guys at King World News conducted an excellent interview with Hugh Hendry, an A-List favorite of ours. If you’re not yet familiar with Hugh, you should be – you can listen to the interview here. I’ll admit I have a full-on “man crush” on our boy Hugh – he’s incredibly smart, eloquent, and insightful […]

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