Don Coxe Still Likes Gold, Mining Shares, and Agriculture

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Don Coxe got on the horn with Eric King at King World News yesterday to share his latest macro outlook.  Coxe’s blend of historical and economic acumen, expressed in a thoughtful Canadian tongue, is always a treat. He’s a gold bull, and is especially keen on mining shares as a “20-year call option” on gold […]

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Contrary Investing favorite Gerald Celente was just interviewed by Eric King at King World News.  As always, it’s a highly entertaining listen. Some beautiful insights, as always, from Celente: On the Fed’s pledge to keep rates low through 2014: “This should be headline news: ‘The Raping of the American Public’” Expects “economic martial law” I’m […]

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The guys at King World News conducted an excellent interview with Hugh Hendry, an A-List favorite of ours. If you’re not yet familiar with Hugh, you should be – you can listen to the interview here. I’ll admit I have a full-on “man crush” on our boy Hugh – he’s incredibly smart, eloquent, and insightful […]

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