Porter Stansberry’s “End of America” Video: The Case for Inevitable Hyperinflation and Social Unrest

Porter Stansberry’s “End of America” Video: The Case for Inevitable Hyperinflation and Social Unrest

Just in case you were feeling chipper about the “economic recovery” being touted by the mainstream financial media, check out Porter Stansberry’s End of America video, where he makes a compelling case that inflation is already here, and hyperinflation, severe social unrest, and government imposed financial restrictions are just around the corner.

He’s definitely a sharp dude – while I have not been a direct subscriber of his own newsletter, I have subscribed to several of their other newsletters, and think their research is pretty top notch.

While I am not 100% sure his predictions will absolutely come true, I think the chance is substantial enough that it’s worth factoring the possibility into your investment strategy, as the chance is no longer negligible.

The first hour is filled with solid content – maybe nothing in itself new to regular readers, but it gave me a much needed wake up call to see it all presented in one fell swoop.  I’ve been sleeping on taking action a bit too long – at minimum I know I need to get a bank account opened in another country (and will likely do so during a trip to Southeast Asia this Spring – will keep you posted on how that goes).

The last 10-15 minutes are a pitch for Porter’s newsletter – your call if you want to jump on that, I am not a current subscriber of his so cannot directly vouch, though this just about convinced me to sign up for his monthly letter (and the marketer in me admires the masterful marketing strategy employed here – educate, educate, educate…then sell!)

Again, many of these concepts we have covered before – such as the Federal government potentially locking up 401Ks if things get bad, or the virtues of opening a bank account outside of the United States.  And of course the importance of owning and accumulating physical gold and silver, so that your capital does not go KAPUT if hyperinflation does indeed rage out of control.

Enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below if you have specific tips regarding any “survivalist” investing strategies you are now employing to protect yourself from this worse case scenario.

(And by the way, I still think the deflation boogeyman could rear his ugly head again before the hyperinflation scenario takes place – but I could be wrong, and intend to take steps that will ensure investment success in case I am.)

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  • I -we are just a low income family who is constantly getting let go from our jobs that we need to provide for our self’s, we don’t over use our money and try to save for a much needed day. why are the low income families constantly getting let go? i say if this is the way it is then i -we aren’t going to vote for any one any more. the normalcy of things being bad in crisis for the low income people is just that. no one knows this more than us people. we can’t get involved in any thing because we don’t have the money to do any thing extra, we can’t send our children to camps because we don’t have the money to do so. we can’t invest in the stock markets because we don’t have the extra money to do so. they want us to work min wage 7.50 to do home health care jobs or other jobs with no benefits here in Maine . why are we being used by the businesses to do their dirty work and let go with no unemployment benefits or hopes for job placements. why?////we low income people aren’t going to vote for any one who aren’t going to give us jobs that we can work at to provide for our families

  • dave

    after an hour i had to go. never hrd what stratgy was. would like to know what to invest in you need a ff button. dave

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  • LG

    Porter’s looking like he’s going to be right with the recent events in August …

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  • CC

    I’m with Dave. Many times, I looked for a ff button. In the end, I just couldn’t wait it out to hear his advice.

  • Melanie

    It was basically a really long infommercial. I agree with his predictions of the economic times ahead, but I can’t afford to buy a bunch of silver and gold. Which is an extremely obvious good move, and the only one he shared. He didn’t give any of the information I waited through that horrendously long and repetitive rhetoric to hear. Also, he says he will give you these books of his for FREE, then turns around and only offers them with a subscription. I didn’t need to spend over an hour finding out that the countries in trouble. Most people know the dollar and US economy are bound to crash. If we didn’t think so we wouldn’t watch the video. I think it’s deceitful to promise an answer to our financial problems, hype up the already present fear of collapse, and then charge for advice. I was very disappointed.

  • mark

    I agree with Melanie …i should have known that there would be no advise here without money up front …if its such a great plan it should be more profitable for this company to let people earn money before they expect all of us without extra money to assume this sound advise ..and pay for it up front…. what make this guy and different than anybody trying to make a fast,easy dollar ..or the fedral gov. .. taking money from people who dont have it to spend… give me your secrect if i make “all this money” hell i send you 100.00 $, or even 1000.00 $, if your advise is so sound you got nothing to lose ….ponder that

  • ZK

    I saw the “new america3” video, I thought it was quite interesting; however, the Bible says that during the last days of wickedness on the earth, it will come a time when ALL money will be of no value, including silver and gold. Now, I’m repeating what I have read in the Bible and the Bible has never been wrong. So, I’m not putting any money in a foreign bank, because that seems uncertain too. And the Bible says that everyone will be caught off guard and that it will happen at a time when we do not think.

  • Dantes

    I have followed Porter for several years now, knew about GM 6 months before any news was out and was able get friends out of investments, Fannie and Freddy same thing.

  • Shep Herd

    Facts mixed with fear mongering. Predictions are common sense so of course they may mostly come true. I predict it will rain tomorrow somewhere in the world. I lived through the 1970’s and his explanation of inflation in Britain completely ignores the fact there was double digit inflation here too and we didn’t have a socialist takeover. He never mentions Japan’s lost decade of deflation which is as bad or worse than inflation. He totally lost his credibility when he complained how US taxes are sky high, yet he says the “strongest countries of China, France, Japan” had a secret meeting about the dollar. France’s taxes are MUCH higher than the US and they are much more socialist, yet they are stronger financially in his argument? He just shot his own argument in the foot. Just a sales pitch. don’t buy it.

  • Frank Truth

    1. FRANK PORTER STANSBERRY was successfully sued by FTC. He had to pay a 1.5 million dollar fine for making misrepresentations and defrauding investors.

    2. Stansberry claims a weak dollar is a bad thing that will destroy the US. If that was true why would China and every other country fight to keep their currencies artificially low? A weak dollar would attract tourists from S. America, Europe and Asia, which would bring influx of foreign capital. It would make US products more attractive. It would lead to Americans throwing away less food, and throwing away less money on goods they really don’t need. A weak dollar would revitalize American industry, and improve our trade imbalance. A weak dollar would be good for the American worker. A weak dollar would attract foreign investment in American companies and real estate.

    3. In a kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. The US may be having econonmic problems, but most other countries are in much worst shape.

    4. Printing money and monetizing a debt can lead to inflation, if not hyper-inflation. That part is true. But in a recession or a depression “cash is king,” money goes up in value, commodities and real estate go down in a value. You can print money and monetize a debt during a recession, because recessions are deflationary. Ben Bernacke is a pretty smart guy. He did his PhD on the 1929 depression. The job of the Fed is partly to prevent inflation, and to avoid deflation. In bad economic times, no one has money, and credit is hard to get. There is a liquidity crisis. QE-1 and QE-2 were just what the doctored ordered, because recession-deflation are more a threat now than an overheated economy and inflation. Homees and real estate losing value, and a falling stock market are recessionary-deflationary. Helipcopter Ben has come to our rescue pulling us out of a downward spiraling vortex with his helicopter, with his printing money and easing credit in a time where money is a scarce commodity.

    5. Who are the big losers if the US monetizes its debt? China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Japan. They are the biggest holders of US debt. Will you shed a tear?

    6. When you owe a creditor a lot of money, your creditors have a stake in your success. If the US dollar sinks who loses more than the US? I am thinking of a five-letter word that starts with a captical “C.”

    7. The FED has powerful weapons in its aresonal to curtail inflation. Ben correctly believes the greater danger now is recession-deflation, not inflation. Should inflation really become an issue, he can stop it in a millisecond. Ben follows US inflation closer than any other American. Ben is a sharp guy.

    8. If the US Stock market collapses, that is recessionary-deflationary. The more the US stock market goes down, the more Ben can pump money into the economy without creating inflation.

    9. Ben looks at every part of the US economy for signs of inflation to keep it in check if necessary.

    10. Congress can do many things to raise revenue. The US has one of the lowest tax rates of any country in the world, not one of the highest. My father was in the 90% tax bracket. That did not disincentivize him. He continued to work hard to make money. So did every other entrepreneur. We can lower our military spending. We can close many loopholes, and stop giving so many tax credits. One of the biggest loop-holes is allowing wealthy individuals to use charitable foundations as tax shelters. Charitable foundations do not have to spend much money on charitable causes. Charitable foundations can invest their capital. They can pay huge salaries to their founders, and to friends and family members of their founders. That is why Howard Hughes and Bill Gates created their charitable foundations. They did so to avoid paying taxes, not because they are such caring individuals.

    11. Social Security can easily be fixed by raising the age of retirement, and means-testing those who get benefits. It should be insurance to care for people who are too old to work, who do not have savings to care for themselves to live a decent life. Social Security should be a safety net, it should pay benefits on a sliding scale, giving more to those who need it most. Today, Social Security pays wealthy people money who do not need benefits. Means-testing would save the system a lot of money.

    12. Yes, a small percent of the population pay a large percent of taxes. That is because a small percent of the US population earns and controls most US wealth. Wealthy American have the most disposable income. They can afford to pay more taxes without lowering their standard of living.

    13. The rich do not create wealth. This is a fallacy. Creative people, innovators, entreprenerus and inventors create wealth. Most creative people, innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors are not wealthy. They start their businesses with borrowed money. Amazon.com, Google, Microsoft, Apple all started with borrowed money.

    12. Money flows up, trickles down. When the poor and middle class have money they spend it on consumer goods and services that create jobs and wealth for everyone. When wealthy people get more money, they save it, not spend it. They buy frivilous, luxury items like dresses that cost tens of thousands of dollars, diamonds, $20,000 watches, mansions, yachts, jets, homes, and high priced cooks that relatively speaking employ much fewer people. It is the spending of the lower and middle classes that drive the economy of any nation, not the spending of the upper class. Which helps a nation’s economy more. One rich guy doing a huge remodeling job on his home, or 10,000 middle-class home owners remodeling their homes?

    13. Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt, and nearly drove the US into bankruptcy. Ronald Reagan was the greatest deficit spending president of all time. Little wonder the US economy grew in his time. All knowleable parties agree, Ronald Reagan had no effect on the fall of the Soviet Union.

    14. Al Gore never said he invented the internet. Al Gore did create the internet we use today, by sponsoring legislation that allowed the public to use it. Prior to Al Gore, the internet was just a tool of the US military and US universities. By the left-wing, liberal biased-media kept the truth a secret from the US public.

    14. There is no real argument amoung climatologists that global warming is taking place. Out of 20,000+ climatologists, less than 10 claim global warming is not taking place. Less than 50 claim man is not the cause. The evidence for global warming is overwhelming. The evidence man is causing global warming is overwhelming. Man is having a profound effect on his enviroment. There are much fewer fish in the ocean. Fish are becoming smaller, because small fish are able to swim through the nets of trawlers who fish with nets that are miles long. Man has fished many species of ocean fish to verge of extinction. Mankind did create an observable hole in the ozone. Most people who don’t believe in global warming, do not understand the principle of a green house. They don’t understand how green houses trap heat. Glass allows sunlight to pass through it, but blocks infrared heat energy from escaping. Certain gases like CO2 have the same effect as glass. CO2 allows sunlight to pass through, but blocks infrared energy. Venus is an example of a planet suffering from the “green house” effect. It would be hotter than earth even if its orbit was further from the sun because its atomosphere traps the suns energy. Forrests remove CO2 from the air. By deforesting the Earth to make room for civilization, and by burning fossil fuels we create CO2. Before the colonists came the US, the US was almost completely forrested. We destroyed over 80% of forrests on American soil.

  • VS

    I haven’t gotten through the entire video but it seems like a blatant attempt at fear mongering. Sure stock up on all the gold and silver possible; it sure does reasonable, right? Just keep in mind gold and silver do not actually stay their constant values regardless of the current economic situation. And to add to that point, China has been buying excessive amounts of gold mines around the world.

  • Rosa

    I can’t believe that i wasted my time watching this bogus cr*p!!!!!!! Maybe the prediction of the U.S losing its monetary value in the future might be true, but this video is solely for the purpose of this Stansberry research company is money: they sure didn’t forget to ask for money at the end of the drawn out nonsense..So much for wanting to help….Nothings ever FREE not even advice. There always is a catch

  • Linda

    This video is interesting that there may be something to it. However, when seeing these things, it’s always important to look a little deeper. Google this video and write the word ‘scam’ next to it. It turns out that this guy and his investment company may have close ties to people who are in the gold and silver business. By proclaiming all of this and telling everyone to buy gold, he may be lining his friends’ pockets – and getting a cut himself. One of the commentators above said it well by describing it as “fear mongering.” People make predictions about natural disasters and the like all the time. But when someone comes and makes predictions related specifically to finance, and direct you to take a certain course of action, be sure that it is for their benefit. Not yours. Anyone who comes up with an eye-catching idea and creates commercials for it, writes books, and does presentations earns thousands of dollars from it. Al Gore and his talks on global warming are a prime example. You wouldn’t believe the effort that advertisers, companies, and other financial entities make to manipulate the American people. And much of the time we are ignorant enough to fall for it too.

  • mike

    i must say (unfortunately) in porter’s defense, it’s advertised as about $50 per year, not monthly. if that means anything to anyone.
    that said, i think his whole schtick is hollywood hogwash. i will look elsewhere though. and i will say this: once in a while even being confronted with the end of the world, we’ve got to find the time, and the strength, to smile. hell maybe even chuckle a little.

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  • Believer In Christ

    So, ditch all my cash, all my savings in America’s banks, and what… when this collapse happens, gas stations and supermarkets are only going to accept my gold and silver? The video did nothing to prepare me for anything. NOBODY knows how all this economic crap is gonna go down until it actually happens. And I mean WHEN IT REALLY HAPPENS IN A WAY THAT IMPACTS PEOPLE’S WAY OF LIVES THE WAY THIS GUYS DESCRIBES. The dude repeatedly states “its already happening”… yeah I get it. But although this may be happening now, the dramatic effects are not gonna happen overnight, or, will they? Nobody knows. Is this gonna be like how Britain was back in the 70’s? Are politicians, bankers, economists and investors SO STUPID, that such a scenario would unfold AGAIN? Man and his greed is mankinds own worst enemy.

  • NotBuyingYourPitch

    This guy’s video is such crap. He rants on and on about what’s coming and by the time he gets to “what we should do”, it’s a sales pitch, with NO ANSWERS. He obviously needs business. He claims to have all these answers to the inevitable financial/economical problems but is he willing to share it? NO. You need to go get his “reports”. Hey Porter, spill the effing beans. Make it EASY for people to get this info. For example, what ARE THE FOUR INVESTMENT ASSETS? Why not list them in this overly long video? Cripes, you’re no different from any other peddler… Lure people in with a lengthy video and leave us hanging in the end. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICAN GREEDINESS.

  • guest

    I am sorry but because of the devaluing of the dollar I can not afford to invest in is newsletter digest.  This is not new information.  I thought it was way too long and he talked in circles.

  • HSBowen

    Sensational! Completely amazing! Just awesome! Totally unbelievable!

  • Dan

    Interesting; But as one of your other comments states this info has been out for a while now and each one has its own ideas on what you should start stocking up on.Top of the list,Food,Water and a purifyer,Ammo,and a generator of some kind.Ch ctn at 2pm sells a solar charging one thats awesome no gas needed!And will run your frig or washer.1 at a time of course.L.O.L.Want to really here things that will curl your hair and bring you to Christ if your smart? The Harbinger! dvd,cd or book it will prove todays events in the word.And help you understand why the gov,big biss,and all smart people are getting ready for something big.Don’t be the victim crying along side the road.READ! LEARN before it is our turn! And vote this time for real change.

  • If the economy was going to collapse in the way this guys says, i say keep your $50. In stead invest them wisely in precious metals like lead and brass, and southern agriculture, as well as utilities. And by that i mean, stock up on bullets, tobacco, and water. Because i guarantee you that those things are of some value in any scenario of those apocalyptic proportions.

  • Wayfil

    It was way too long and his voice became so boring.

  • Rtoddwest

    After reading all the negetive comment I was remind of a book I read titled The Roaring 2000 I believe the author was Richard Dent. He predicted the colapse of 2008 he wrote the book in the eighties. His writing so impressed me that I pulled my money out of the stock market and moved it into an Index Annuity. everyone told me I was stupid thank God I didn’t lisen to them . I got over a 20% return while everybody else lost their shirts. Think about it God gave us one mouth and two ears I think he meant for us to lisen not to shoot our mouth off!!!!!!!

  • MINI666

    Wasn’t this all said a few years back by George Bush Sr.? I recall him saying that a ”New World Order” was unfolding.Ready or not,here it’s coming!It’s inevitable,there’s no other way.The s..t is about to hit the fan.Don’t be fooled,the key player is in control of COMMUNICATIONS.Sorry I can’t hear you……

  • Waguespack


  • Flucknathan81

     whether hes right or wrong you will be the first ignorant bastard to die with an attitude like that, hell at least get your foot out of your mouth and speak english  bra or i mean bro or i mean yo.

  • Keesmith

    If everyone puts their money into banks/invests in others countries are you not adding to the clapse off the dollar???

  • Katerina

    Is this like another one of those Kevin Trudeau type things?

  • Ibinaround2

    Porter Stansberry REALLY wants you to buy his investing wisdom, he needs to make up at least $1.5 million, the amount he was fined in 2007 for security fraud.

    Caveat emptor…

  • Bowenbk1

    What the heck, this was advertised as a video that would help people like me, but it only sounds like don’t give it to the government, give it to me.. I need advice and help, not another bill. I’ve already been saying for years what you have said in this presentation. I am not going to hand my money to a perfect stranger, I’ve worked like a dog all my life and I’m just about to inherit some more, what kind of fool would I be to turn around and hand it to a stranger or the government. I’ve never even heard of someone charging you to take their money. You’ve made my head hurt, when I heard about America 23, my heart jumped because I thought there might be some hope, but after listening to this I worry about it even more. I’m afraid this is just another scam, there are so many of those going around. I’ve lived lower than poor, I raised two boys by myself while scraping to get by and now that I’ve finally leveled out, the world is trying to give me ulsers I don’t know what to think. Please don’t think this is a hate mail or anything, it’s just in this world that you know more about than I do “trust” is a hard thing to let go of.

  • James Weech

    No order form! Call me @ (951)765-0228 PLEASE!!!

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