The Hidden, Historic Bubble That Could Burst Any Day

The Hidden, Historic Bubble That Could Burst Any Day

Of course we’re talking about…

…all at once now…
Muni bonds!
Yay! Of course, municipalities far and wide have no way to pay back their increasing deficits amidst falling tax revenues.
Of course you knew this already, being an astute reader and no doubt a contrarian thinker. But the mainstream press is even starting to catch on.

Declining income from property, sales and other taxes coupled with growing pension obligation debts and the residual effects of the financial meltdown are inflating a dangerous bubble in the $3 trillion to $4 trillion public bond financing market.

If the bubble bursts, agencies will be unable to borrow, and would cancel or postpone public projects such as school construction or building roads and highways. At worst, governments could default and upend the historically safe municipal bond market.

“This is the most serious municipal debt crisis in U.S. history, including the Depression,” said Denver-based attorney Jeff Cohen, who represents bond issuers and buyers. “Arizona has huge problems. So do Nevada, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. And California has the same credit rating as Kazakhstan.”

Small to mid-size public agencies, in particular, have been hit hard, said Cathy Spain, director of the Center for Enterprise Programs at the National League of Cities.

Not only has public agencies’ income dwindled, but they can’t even buy the bond insurance that would lower their borrowing costs. Most of the bond insurance companies, who participated in the mortgage-backed securities shenanigans, spiraled out of business during the bank meltdown
Get your popcorn ready – this should be a doozy!
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