Something Cooking in the Lumber Market?

Something Cooking in the Lumber Market?

Our friend Tom Dyson over at DailyWealth says that something may be happening in the world of lumber, according to one of his industry sources…Tom writes:

I have an “on the ground” contact who’s seeing something else altogether… Don runs a large lumber supply depot outside Orlando. Last week, he sent me a “special commodity alert.”

“Over the last 30 days,” he wrote, “there have been significant increases in the lumber and plywood markets.”

Pine 2x10s have increased 22% in the last 30 days.
Treated pine 2x6s have increased 29%.
Pine 2×6 borates are up 31%.
Spruce 2x4s are up 37%.
Spruce 2x6s are up 44%.
15/32 Oriented Strand boards are up 7%.
15/32 Plywood is up 12%.

It looks like there’s something stirring in the lumber market. It could be a local aberration in Orlando… or it could be something bigger. I’m not sure, and neither is Don.

Let’s keep an eye on the Chicago futures price to see if it confirms Don’s view. In the meantime, I’ll hunt for more clues from lumberyards in other parts of the country…

Lumber prices are low, low, low – this is definitely something worth keeping an eye on.
PS – If you like Tom’s stuff as much as I do, you may want to check out his outstanding newsletter The 12% Letter, which I read religiously myself.