My Yearly Commodity Returns Since 2005

My Yearly Commodity Returns Since 2005

Well it’s time to close the books on the 2008 investing year. One that started off with so much promise for commodities, and ended up being the crappiest year in about 50 years for our beloved commodities.

As for me personally, I started great, and lost all of my gains plus some since March. No sense dragging out the gory details – you can peruse my previous Weekly Update posts throughout the year for those.

All-in-all, it was my first down year since I started investing in commodities in 2005. But it certainly could have been worse – I’ll live to see 2009, and that’s all you can ever ask for I think.

2007’s Yearly Returns Post

My yearly returns investing in Commodities – as of Dec 31, 2008:

  • 2005: 802%*
  • 2006: 60%
  • 2007: 175%
  • 2008: -8%

*Account opened with $2,000 on 4/28/05. This number is especially gaudy because I loaded up on a couple of sugar contracts (more leverage than I should have used) and rode sugar from 9 cents up to 14 cents. Nice trade but lucky timing, which I am grateful for.

Happy New Year!