With Bonds Soaring, How Much Upside is Left?

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The “short long-term government bonds” trade must be in contention as one that’s extracted the most money from otherwise smart traders and investors over the past five years.  Interest rates just CAN’T go any lower from here – right?  We heard this in 2008, and we’re hearing it again today – with bond yields at […]

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Has any trade over the last few years frustrated more sophisticated investors than the “one-way” bet on rising long-term government interest rates? For the last 2 or 3 years, many (including myself) have been piling into ETFs (like TBT) that act as short proxies for rising long term interest rates.  And the logic has been so sound, […]

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Here’s a short clip of Bud Conrad, Casey Research’s Chief Economist, on CNBC last Thursday. Bud has been pounding the table for investors to buy gold (since much lower prices) and short long bonds for some time. The buy gold trade has been a good one thus far, and Bud now believes that betting on […]

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