It’s Not About The Fed: Other Market Issues at Work

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The markets sure have appeared spooked since Bernanke’s midweek commentary – but is that all this is about, or is there more to this most recent pullback?  Regular correspondent adds to the list of intermediate term market worries in his weekly piece… **** There’s More To Consider Than Just The Fed Being Street Smart By […]

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By Sy Harding, Editor, Street Smart Report In my last column I made the statement that if only we could ignore Europe, global economic fears would not be so ominous since there were indications the U.S. economic slowdown had bottomed and a nascent recovery might be underway. We’ve now received more evidence of the latter. […]

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Looking for stock values?  Sy Harding writes why you should consider foreign markets – many of which are currently in oversold conditions, and have room (unlike the US) for further monetary easing to juice things up a bit. —- Being Street Smart Sy Harding Why Foreign Markets are Better Bets than US July 22, 2011 […]

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