Deflations Returns with A Vengeance, Laughs in QE2’s Face

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I gotta admit – the markets almost had me! It looked like the Dollar was never going to turn around.  And then QE2 was announced, which obviously could ONLY be bearish for the dollar, and ONLY bullish for stock prices.  Not to mention the metals, which were sure to do moonshots in short order. A […]

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Regular readers know that I’ve been anxious – TOO anxious – to short the S&P 500.  The reflation rally was determined to “end when it ends” – and not a moment sooner. Although we are still trading above the magical 200-day moving average, I have to believe that the odds are that the current trend […]

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Yesterday we mused that a turning point may be appearing in the markets, as indicated by the negative divergences that are popping up. In a rare act of God, we were right!  Well, at least for a day.  And they’ll never be able to take that away from us. Stocks, commodities, and just about everything […]

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