Stocks, Commodities Get Creamed! Few Places to Hide Today

Stocks, Commodities Get Creamed! Few Places to Hide Today

Yesterday we mused that a turning point may be appearing in the markets, as indicated by the negative divergences that are popping up.

In a rare act of God, we were right!  Well, at least for a day.  And they’ll never be able to take that away from us.

Stocks, commodities, and just about everything got taken to the woodshed today – with the DOW and S&P shedding over 2%.  Oil got hit too – there was literally nowhere to run.

US Stock Prices

US stocks opened down, and drifted even lower throughout the trading session, with the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ all circling the bowl.

One more disturbing trend for stock market bulls – these drops are occurring on high volume days, while the rallies lack much punch behind them – indicating there is more conviction on stock market drops than there is on rallies:

S&P Price and Volume ChartCourtesy of

Reflation trade cheerleaders should take note – if today seemed familiar, it’s likely because we’ve seen this movie before.  The market already tipped its hand during the Great Deleveraging of 2008.

If we see another bout, expect it to be the same story until further notice – dollar up, everything else down.

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