Jim Rogers’ Outlook for 2009

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Some great coverage of Jim Rogers’ investing outlook for 2009 by GreenLightAdvisor.com. A brief excerpt of the summary provided by GreenLightAdvisor.com: The facts are, during this period in time the only thing to have its fundamentals unimpaired is commodities. Farmers can’t even get loans for fertilizer now. The supply of things is going to be […]

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Here’s a video of Jim Rogers on CNBC’s Larry Kudlow & Co. from December 13, 2008. They start talking commodities around the 2:20 mark. Rogers’ insights: The Fed has gone too far in their money printings Commodities are not down because of fundamentals – they are down because of the forced liquidation of every single […]

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A short Jim Rogers interview on Bloomberg – I believe from December 11, 2008. He says he has covered his short position in US Treasuries for the time being, because the trade was going against him. He’s waiting to short them again, and describes US Treasuries as “the last bubble left.” Other thoughts from Jim: […]

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