Weak Treasury Sales…Bond Vigilantes Rolling Into Town?

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Anyone want to puchase debt at an artificially low interest rate from a party that’s highly unlikely to be able to pay you back? Anyone? Surprisingly…you’re not alone! The Treasury auctioned off another $39 billion last Wednesday (it’s crazy that we get immune to seeing these huge numbers) in an auction that “drew poor demand.” […]

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As the Federal Reserve continues to print money, the “hyperinflation trade” seems to be a crowded one. The premise seems sound and reasonable – whenever a government prints money and devalues its own currency, rising prices follow. A deflationary environment cannot hold for a sustained period of time, because the government will print money, or […]

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“Because they are printing money,” he says…and believes that stocks could go to very high nominal levels, while the currency becomes worthless. I was just catching up on Rogers latest media appearances, and found this video on CNBC from a couple of weeks back. Jim’s still pounding the table that we’ve got a currency crisis […]

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