4 Deep-Value Dividend Stocks Yielding Up To 11.8%

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Whenever a dividend payer goes on sale, it’s a chance for you and I to make a lot of money and collect steady income. Today, we’ll highlight four stocks that are worthy of our review.

Not only do we bank a higher yield, but we can also enjoy price appreciation as shares rise in value. This is the benefit of combining value and dividend investing.

For example, let’s say we like a stock at $40 that is paying a $1.50 yearly dividend. If we like it at $40, then we should love it at $30 – because our potential upside (and hence total return including dividends) is that much greater:

The same exact stock.…
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There’s not much to like about the prospects for “old school” publishers like newspapers and magazines these days. With the internet giving legs to anyone with something to write, blogging platforms like WordPress that enable you to get started at almost no cost, and search engines like Google sending readers your way, I can’t see […]

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