A Buying Opportunity in Uranium Stocks?

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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned nuclear meltdown to get everyone dumping their uranium stocks! Industry staple Cameco has been pummeled since the hysterics began in Japan: Source: StockCharts.com And new uranium miner ETF URA found itself without any buyers…until it plummeted below $16: Source: StockCharts.com Does this blood in the streets constitute a buying […]

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The breakout in uranium – and uranium miners – continues, as Global X Uranium ETF URA powers out to new highs: It is an all-out bull market in “the other yellow metal.” (Source: StockCharts.com) Last month we broke down the supply and demand fundamentals for uranium, and concluded that things looked pretty promising. URA was […]

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Check out the chart of uranium stalwart Cameco – can you spot the trend? Source: StockCharts.com And backing it up a bit, we can see that Cameco has decisively pushed to two year highs – and it’s making a run at its pre-“end-of-the-world” levels: Source: StockCharts.com Most trend traders watching CCJ would have likely “gone long” […]

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