Uranium Miner Breakout Continues – How to Invest

Uranium Miner Breakout Continues – How to Invest

The breakout in uranium – and uranium miners – continues, as Global X Uranium ETF URA powers out to new highs:

URA uranium price chart 2011It is an all-out bull market in “the other yellow metal.” (Source: StockCharts.com)

Last month we broke down the supply and demand fundamentals for uranium, and concluded that things looked pretty promising.

URA was a new kid on the scene at the time – but appeared to be a reasonable proxy for playing this radioactive bull market:

URA just began trading in early November, so we have a limited sample of historical results. But so far, the ETF has trended up, in tandem with uranium’s spot price, as expected. With its not-unreasonable 0.69 percent management expense, I see no reason offhand why it shouldn’t serve as a reasonable proxy for the price action of uranium stocks at large.

Source: How To Play The Uranium Breakout

And good old Cameco – which makes up a sizable portion of URA – is on the move too, running out to three-year highs.

Cameco price breakout

Multi-year highs in energy should be bought, everywhere and always.  So, I will look to pick up some URA for my portfolio later this week.

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