The ROI of Higher Education Questioned (and Exposed)

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Even before the Occupy Wall Street movement began, there were straws in the wind that “higher education” was starting to be sniffed out as a bit of a fraud…at least in the New Normal, where an undergrad or graduate degree does not guarantee anything, save for perhaps steep student loan debt. I agree with the […]

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Coast to coast flights are fantastic for getting uninterrupted reading time in, and on my flight back to the West Coast last Monday, I was able to devour Financial Reckoning Day Fallout: Surviving Today’s Global Depression, by Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin. Bonner and Wiggin are the two top guys at Agora Financial, an extremely […]

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We keep hearing how US households are paying off their debts. The important question is – how much debt is left to be paid off? For some insights into how much painful deleveraging may be left – I’d like to share what Bill Bonner wrote in today’s Daily Reckoning (an excellent free email newsletter by […]

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