Dollar vs S&P Index – A Near Perfect Inverse Correlation

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These days, diversification is pointless. You only need one position in your portfolio – because all the markets are trading together. To illustrate this point, check out this chart of the S&P 500 vs. the Dollar Index since Spring 2008: The dollar and S&P – mirror images of one another (click to enlarge). (Source: Google […]

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The newsletter that I most look forward to these days is Bob Prechter’s…his views are unique, insightful, and I’m really starting to believe he’s one of the only guys with a clue right now! It’s important to mention that while Prechter is extremely bearish now, he’s by no means a perma-bear. I tend to discount […]

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The screens were flashing all green today, as our noted “all or nothing” trade resulted in everything moving up today! Except for? The dollar, of course! This screen shot from reflect a bull market in, well, everything! Of note, Treasuries were up today – who the heck is still buying these things? A mystery […]

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