Marc Faber Sees 1987 Crash Potential for Stocks

Marc Faber Sees 1987 Crash Potential for Stocks

It’s been a little while since Marc Faber dropped an outrageous prediction to the mainstream media – nice to see the streak busted in a big way!

Faber spoke with Bloomberg and, in a beauty of an interview, he:

  • Said the Eurozone should eventually kick out every country except Germany (but allow the other countries to use the euro as an international trading currency)
  • Hilariously said the “bureaucrats in Brussels make the government in the US look like an organization consisting of geniuses”
  • Blamed Europe’s problems on too much government spending, not enough fiscal discipline, and “Keynsian clowns” (ha!)
  • And left the door open for a 1987-style market crash

Here’s the full Faber interview on Bloomberg (also embedded below).

Hat tip Zero Hedge for the original post.