Jim Rogers on Yahoo Tech Ticker: Still Likes Ag

Jim Rogers on Yahoo Tech Ticker: Still Likes Ag

Earlier this week Jim Rogers sat down with Yahoo Tech Ticker’s new money honey Lauren Lyster, hamming up a 6-minute conversation that touched on higher education, agriculture, and Russia.

Internet-financial-video-aficionados may recall Lyster from her previous (or still current?) gig at RT.com.  I’m sure the move to Tech Ticker was a mixed bag for male watchers across the information superhighway, who are weighing the combination of more Lyster, minus the trademark gratuity of RT.com’s production team.

On to the interview…

College Education is a Bubble

“Tertiary education in America is a bubble,” says Rogers, citing college-educated janitors with $200,000 in debt.  The Yale-educated Rogers, who somewhat-ironically has never been a fan of higher education, increasing has unemployment numbers to back up his viewpoint.

2013 Investment Outlook: Likes Ag, Russia

Rogers’ favorite investment is still agriculture – no surprise to longtime followers.  Say it with me – food prices are still relatively low from a historical standpoint, and there are supply/demand imbalances that have not yet been addressed.  Farmers around the world are too damn old, etc.

He’s also bullish on Russia – for the first time ever, he adds – and North Korea as well.  The recent rally in stocks is not one to be trusted, Rogers concludes, as he attributes the bullish action primarily to the hubris of central banks like The Fed and the BOJ.

Watch Jim Rogers’ full 2013 outlook on Yahoo Tech Ticker.

Hat tip to my dad, and also JL, for sending the link along!