Hugh Hendry Talks Hyperdeflation With Barron’s

Hugh Hendry Talks Hyperdeflation With Barron’s

Barron’s got a hold of Hugh Hendry to chat about his favorite topics – namely deflation, and shorting Asia!

If you read our previous coverage of Hendry’s economic outlook, there’s not much new here, but it’s still probably worth a quick read.

In summary, Hendry remains biased towards “hyperdeflation BEFORE hyperinflation”:

The road to hyperinflation is via hyperdeflation. That is why it’s proving so difficult for hedge funds to make money. How does the rational mind that anticipates hyperinflation own 10-year government Treasuries yielding less than 2%? It can’t. That’s why people are struggling. To lay the seeds of hyperinflation, you need really, really bad things to happen.

He’s still shorting highly leveraged Japanese businesses:

Do you seriously believe Japanese corporations are going to fail?

Clearly, they can and do go bust. I’m buying the CDS on investment-grade Japanese corporations because of the overpricing anomaly. Japan had a bust 20 years ago, and yet today the banking stocks, relative to [Japanese bourse] Topix, are making fresh lows.

And finally one new and heartwarming piece of information – Hendry is bullish on ag!

We are very bullish agricultural commodities and agricultural equities, and hold a global basket of businesses—with interests ranging from fertilizer to farm equipment.

Source – Barron’s: Keeping an Eye on Wealth-Creation

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