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Exciting news for fellow deflation and demographic aficionados – tomorrow I’ll be speaking with Harry Dent, author most recently of the book The Great Depression Ahead. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Harry – just leave a comment below, or you’re also always welcome to email me directly! I plan […]

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David Rosenberg wrote today in his daily commentary that earnings expectations peaked with the stock market back in April.  He observes that this is a common phenomenon – where stock prices do not follow earnings, but rather they more closely track earnings expectations. When expected earnings are revised up by analysts, stocks rally – and […]

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This week I caught another fascinating interview on the Financial Sense Newshour – with Harry S. Dent, author of The Great Depression Ahead. OK, so what’s so insightful about a guy publishing a next Great Depression in 2009? Well when it comes from the same guy that published The Great Boom Ahead in 1992, I […]

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