Niall Ferguson: 6 Big Questions for the Post-Western World

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The West and the Rest: Our Slight Depression in Historical Perspective Niall Ferguson, 2012 Agora Financial Investment Symposium Niall Ferguson led off the symposium began by lamenting that just 23 years ago, it all seemed so simple. It was the summer of 1989, he reminded us, when Francis Fukuyama famously proclaimed “The End of History,” […]

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This week Contrary Investing is coming to you LIVE from Vancouver, Canada, with coverage from the 13th annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium! Stay tuned this week for write ups on the presentations from Niall Ferguson, Rick Rule, Marc Faber, Michael Covel, Doug Casey, Barry Ritholtz, and more.

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I put debate in quotes because I think Krugman is a joke, and I can’t believe anyone actually reads his stuff for anything other than pure entertainment. On Yahoo’s Tech Ticker, Niall Ferguson fires back with his side of the story – which is based on actual economic history, rather than Keynsian “pie in the […]

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