Dollar Up, Everything Else Down – Here We Go Again?

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I saw a familiar sight on the charts today – green for the dollar, and red for just about everything else. This was a very common sight last fall and winter. This currency picture, courtesy of, used to be an all-to-familiar one. Then when the famous “March 6” lows held, and spring sprung, we […]

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Falling Fortunes, Rising Hopes and the Price of Oil December 15, 2008 By Peter Zeihan Related Links · Mexico: Insuring Oil Exports · Canada: Oil Sands Tax Increase Related Special Topic Page · Global Energy Prices Oil prices have now dipped — albeit only briefly — below US$40 a barrel, a precipitous plunge from their […]

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The International Energy Agency projects worldwide oil demand will fall by 200,000 barrels a day, to 85.8 million barrels a day, in 2008. The IEA expects oil demand to recover next year, estimating an increase of 400,000 barrels a day, or 0.5%. The oil futures markets appear to be pricing in a much steeper drop […]

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Let’s look at a few opinions I’ve heard over the last couple of days: Chuck Butler at the Daily Pfennig believes at least 20% of the current price is speculation driven Jeff Clark at The Growth Stock Wire thinks it’s time to sell oil stocks now T. Boone Pickens (video posted yesterday) says demand is […]

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“I think I made a mistake” Pickens humbly told CNBC yesterday, referring to his prediction that oil would drop in the 1st quarter. He sees oil “hanging around here” in the 2nd quarter, and above $100/barrel in the 2nd half of the year. He is also bullish on natural gas, citing it’s relative cheapness compared […]

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Byron King, author of Agora’s Outstanding Investments, talks on CNBC about oil prices. I’m an Outstanding Investments subscriber, and a big fan of Byron’s analysis. This guy is all over the oil situation – he flies around the world going to geology and energy summits – he knows what’s going on. Here he says he […]

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