Harry Dent’s Forecast for November 2010

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Here’s the latest outlook from Harry Dent, where he shares the effect he anticipates QE2 will have on the markets: Dent revises his previous forecast in light of QE2, and says he believes the markets will ultimately make one more high (albeit after a shorter term correction). I interviewed Dent back in September, and found […]

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This morning, I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with demographic trend expert and economic researcher Harry S. Dent.  It was a great conversation and we covered a lot of topics, including the demographic outlook in America, the inflation/deflation argument, potential inflection points for the stock market based on spending wave turning points, and more. I […]

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Exciting news for fellow deflation and demographic aficionados – tomorrow I’ll be speaking with Harry Dent, author most recently of the book The Great Depression Ahead. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Harry – just leave a comment below, or you’re also always welcome to email me directly! I plan […]

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Whither deflation… Chased away by reflation? Or eye of the storm? Revisiting the Deflationist Arguments of 2009 Earlier this week I revisited two of my favorite inflation/deflation interviews of 2009, both courtesy of Jim Puplava at the Financial Sense Newshour. Being sympathetic to the deflationist arguments, I was interested in seeing if their forecasts were […]

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