Gary Shilling’s Outlook on the US Housing Market

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Gary Shilling shares his housing outlook with Larry Kudlow…and it’s pretty bearish.  He sees housing dropping another 20% or more over the next 3 years. He sees the economy rolling over again due to a “death by a thousand cuts,” as he eloquently and hilariously puts it. I am nearly finished with Shilling’s most recent […]

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Gary Shilling, one of our favorites, was on Yahoo Tech Ticker today.  He sees housing taking another 20% hit from here (at least), which he believes will trigger another massive recession. The interview is just 5 minutes, and they cut Shilling off when the going got good, but it’s still worth a watch. Here’s my […]

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Courtesy of our good friend (and now intrepid roving reporter) Jonathan Lederer, here’s an exclusive scoop on Gary Shilling’s commentary from last week’s Altegris/John Mauldin Hedge Fund Conference in La Jolla. 1) Deleveraging has barely begun and will last for many more years due to the huge growth in credit since the 50s 2) He still […]

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Gary Shilling weighed in with his recommendations for 2011 in John Mauldin’s latest Outside the Box newsletter. Since the early 2000’s, Shilling has been one of very few financial commentators staunchly in the deflation camp – and his 2011 picks reflect his belief that deflation, not inflation, will rule the years ahead. We look for […]

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