Gary Shilling’s Commentary From Last Weekend’s Altegris Hedge Fund Conference

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Courtesy of our good friend (and now intrepid roving reporter) Jonathan Lederer, here’s an exclusive scoop on Gary Shilling’s commentary from last week’s Altegris/John Mauldin Hedge Fund Conference in La Jolla. 1) Deleveraging has barely begun and will last for many more years due to the huge growth in credit since the 50s 2) He still […]

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Can the Fed expand credit at will?  The best “no” explanation I’ve heard is from Robert Prechter – here it is, republished with permission from Prechter’s firm, Elliott Wave International. Excerpted from Robert Prechter’s February 2004 Elliott Wave Theorist Jaguar Inflation By Robert Prechter I am tired of hearing people insist that the Fed can […]

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This one’s for all the fellow deflationists struggling to “keep the faith” during the continued rally in asset prices – most notably the parabolic move in the precious metals. Christopher Whalen of the American Enterprise Institute presents Four Pictures of Deflation, and concludes: “The end of the liquidation cycle of the deflating bubble will arrive […]

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