Japan Economy Minister: It’s “Important” for Nikkei to Climb 17% the Next 6 Weeks(!)

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I hope for all involved that the intended meaning got lost in translation here. Over the weekend, Japan Economics Minister Akira Amari put a near-term target on the Nikkei: “It will be important to show our mettle to see the Nikkei [Average] reaches 13,000 points by the end of the fiscal year” on March 31, […]

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Mrs. Watanabe, welcome to Abenomics 101. Christmas in Japan is a widely celebrated, yet discreetly racier, holiday than its American counterpart (think Valentine’s Day, for mature audiences). This holiday season the party is expanding to Japanese financial markets, as Mrs. Watanabe tosses her panties at new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has vowed to fight […]

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Need to hit up a really rich dude (or gal) to fund that hairbrained startup idea of yours?  Might want to hop a plane across the Pacific. There are now officially more “super rich” people – defined as over $100 million in net worth – in East Asia than there are in the US.  The […]

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Looking for stock values?  Sy Harding writes why you should consider foreign markets – many of which are currently in oversold conditions, and have room (unlike the US) for further monetary easing to juice things up a bit. —- Being Street Smart Sy Harding Why Foreign Markets are Better Bets than US July 22, 2011 […]

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