WSJ – Heartland Sees Boom With Grains In Demand

WSJ – Heartland Sees Boom With Grains In Demand


February 15, 2008; Page A1

ALBION, Neb. — The U.S. economy may be teetering on the brink of recession. But there’s a bountiful harvest down on the farm.

Grain prices are surging to historic levels. Spring wheat, a variety often used in bread, hit a record $18.53 per bushel yesterday. Corn is trading above $5 and soybeans are bringing in more than $13, all 25% or more above their year-ago prices.

Net farm income is expected to hit $92.3 billion in 2008 — a 51% increase over the 10-year average of $61.1 billion. Across much of the Great Plains, unemployment rates are well below national figures and housing markets remain robust. Robert Moskow, a food industry analyst at Credit Suisse, has proclaimed this the “golden age” of agriculture.

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