Too Drunk to Fail: A Market-Driven NYC Bar

Too Drunk to Fail: A Market-Driven NYC Bar

Forget too big to fail – how about too drunk to fail!

Reason magazine reports that a NYC bar is turning to free market economics to guide it’s happy hours:

What’s the value of a pint of beer? Let the market decide, says a new restaurant in Manhattan where prices for food and beverages will fluctuate like stock prices in increments according to demand.

Customers can move prices for all beverages and bar snacks such as hot wings ($7 for 6 pieces) or fried calamari ($9). The prices will fluctuate in $.25 cent increments, but will most likely plateau at a $2 change in either direction.

Ed. note: This is my favorite booze/economics story since a hot bartender warned me of the dangers of hyperinflation.