Pull Up a Chair to See Your Recovery Tax Dollars at Work

Pull Up a Chair to See Your Recovery Tax Dollars at Work

Come one, come all – taxpayers, pull up a front row seat, to see your tax dollars being squandered away, in real-time, at recovery.gov.

But first, a message from our sponsor:

Folks, I hate to piss on this roaring campfire of a good time, but the net multiplier on government spending is zero – it’s been proven time and time again.

The government does not actually produce anything. This is a subtle, yet important point.

There are only two ways the government can raise money:

  1. Taxing the private sector
  2. Printing it

So while that nice pie chart on the homepage of recovery.gov may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside – gee, we’re putting $111B in science – that’s great, much needed.

Maybe so – but remember that $111B was likely taken out of the hands of the private sector, so that it could be put in the hands of a bureaucratic organization to investigate the feasibility of installing solar powered windmills on the Moon.

Can there be real benefits from government spending? Of course. Would those benefits outweigh those the private sector could have produced on its own? I highly doubt it.