Promo Code for The Casey Report – 50% Off Subscription Price

Promo Code for The Casey Report – 50% Off Subscription Price

One of the paid publications that I mention a lot here is The Casey Report.  It’s a monthly publication put together by the astute folks at Casey Research – one of the very best at breaking down the big picture, in my opinion.

In honor of Casey Research being named to the Inc 5000 (a very cool honor!), they are offering our readers 50% off a subscription to The Casey Report until August 31st (and they let you lock-in the discount rate too).  If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, this might be a good time to check it out, as I personally haven’t seen them run a discount this steep before.

If you’re interested, you can take them up on a free trial using this link here, or promo code: CBM196PR0810A

As you may know, I’m an affiliate of Casey Research.  I’ve found affiliate sales to be the most effective way to “monetize” a site like this.  I only recommend pubs that I already subscribe to and personally find valuable – this is one of them.

And while we’re talking monetization – since you’re probably an entrepreneurial type as well – the banner ads here pull in some revenue too, but unless you have huge traffic #’s, they don’t really pull in a lot of dough.  Fortunately the financial niche commands higher ad rates than many other types of sites, so it is possible for a site like this one to generate decent ad revenue, at least for one-person.

Which is why you should be skeptical of any business model that cites online ad revenue as its primary source of current or future (hopeful) income – it’s a very fickle market, and no longer as insanely lucrative as it was during the tech bubble, back when advertisers were too dumb to track things like ROI.

Any startup that raises venture funding in the hopes of building a really big website that generates a lot of traffic, and monetizes by selling a lot of banner ads, is in for a challenging go of it.  It’s possible to succeed, but you really need to branch the business model beyond just selling banner ads per impression, in my opinion.