Kevin Kerr: The Food Crisis, A First-Hand Report

Kevin Kerr: The Food Crisis, A First-Hand Report

Same story we’ve been following here. A nice rally in the grains today, and a little bit of life in the softs as well.

Can corn continue to break out from here? It’s been rangebound for the past couple of months – I keep thinking that fundamentals will eventually prevail and push corn past the $7 mark.

In a “close your eyes and buy” trade, I picked up a mini Nat Gas contract this morning. I’ve been itching to buy it since it crossed the $8 mark, but lacked the testicular fortitude. I hate the volatility of Nat Gas, but no doubt which way the trend is going.

Also keeping a close eye on the Yen and Swiss Franc here. Both appear cheap, but could head lower as long as the “good times” remain on Wall St. When the next leg of the bear market hits, I expect these two to shoot up.