Jack Crooks: US Dollar Has Room To Run

Jack Crooks: US Dollar Has Room To Run

Jack Crooks, one of the most successful currency investors of all-time, told DailyWealth’s Steve Sjuggerud that he believes the US Dollar will perform quite well over the next few years.

We take a contrarian view. We’ll get nervous when everyone loves the dollar. In our view, since people still don’t like the dollar, there are a lot more potential buyers of dollars left out there.

In this whole global morass, the relative winner is the U.S. Here’s why:

The U.S. still has the deepest capital markets. It’s still the world’s reserve currency, so money will flow into dollars. It also has the strongest consumer, relatively speaking. So we think the U.S. dollar is the relative winner over time.

Crooks’ favorite long-term trade is long the US Dollar, short the Japanese Yen, as he believes poor economic fundamentals are finally catching up to the Yen.