Gold and Silver ETF Investment Options

Gold and Silver ETF Investment Options

Looking to buy gold and silver via and ETF or other fund? Here’s a solid comprehensive list put together by our friend Matt Badiali. He’s even got a couple of platinum and combined precious metal options on there.

If you decide to purchase an ETF, I’d recommend that you view it as more of a short term speculation. You’ll hear various stories about the safety – or lack thereof – of your capital in these types of investment vehicles. If you decide to put your money there, it’s probably best not to sock it away for 5 or 10 years as a buy and hold type of thing. Probably best to buy bullion and/or mining stocks for that investment horizon.
One thing that Matt wrote did give me pause:

In May 2008, I covered about five gold and precious-metals funds, including one that holds mining stocks.

Since then, the field has exploded with opportunities. Today, at least nine funds track gold through bullion or futures, two track platinum, and four track silver. Another two track a combination of precious metals. Without even getting into mining-stock funds, we have 17 different “one-click” ways to play precious metals.

When ETF vehicles are exploding on the scene for a particular investment class, it’s often a classic sign of an overheated market. So keep that in mind!