Five Important (Contrarian?) Real Estate Trends

Five Important (Contrarian?) Real Estate Trends

It’s Christmas in July! Maybe not quite, but I do derive similar (twisted?) satisfaction whenever an email from our local real estate agent pops into my Inbox!
Yes, you may remember our friend from past gems like the dumbest explanation of inflation – ever.

Well she’s back…and making less sense than ever before. Without further adieu, I present:

5 Important Real Estate Trends to Watch

1. Bank held repossessions are having a lower influence on the market. That may be good news to sellers in the short term (especially sellers who have been waiting for things to get better). Listen to the statistics we’ve seen that support our conclusion. Link removed to protect embarassment.

2. Real estate market updates are now being made on internet video! Watch our new version of real estate TV at: Ditto

3. Buyers should do whatever they can to buy a home in the next few months. Watch four powerful reasons to buy a home now rather than wait at our website.

4. California Association of REALTORS(r) now offers a buyer’s protection plan that can offer buyers worried about their jobs peace of mind. Read the details about this great first-time homebuyer program.

5. Home buyers are doing their own home searches, driving by the properties then having their brokers show them only the ones they like. This latest trend saves everyone time and money, especially when the better buys are going fast. To assist you further we’ll even set up our computers so that you’ll be one of the first to know about hot new listings. Call us at the number below to sign up for a free targeted home search.

Hurry…do whatever you can to buy a home!
How about another hot tip from our friend? Here’s a look into duplexes…with investment math that’s too good to be true!